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Comparisons and Reviews

I put a lot of hard work into this section. As a consumer I have always wondered how the many manufacturers and their models stack up against one another.

There are many websites that do general manufacturer and model reviews and comparisons. But nowhere could I find a comprehensive comparison of the many, many features in the latest equipment offered by York, Trane, Goodman, etc.

I went through the painstaking tasks of dissecting each make and model, comparing it the competition, and determining which models stand out on top, which are average, and which are below average. In most cases, each make and model has its own unique features. The question is, which features are most important to you:

Energy efficiency?





Not sure what a heat pump is? How is it used?

What do the energy efficient acronyms mean? (COP, EER, SEER, HSPF)

What manufacturers have the most efficient equipment?

What maintenance procedures should be followed?

This is a sampling of the information presented in the information section of this website.


Are you confused by the many different types of heat pumps out there? In this section of the website I hope to reduce your confusion.

Often, there are many different names for the same style. For example, the terms dual fuel and hybrid represent the same equipment. However, we also have:

  • Air source
  • Water source
  • Ground source

So here you can understand the different types and how they work!

Geothermal energy

geothermal concept

Geothermal has been a buzz word in the HVAC industry for many years. Most people who have decided to go geothermal absolutely love it once their utility bills start coming in.

Talk about saving on monthly costs!

This is the obvious equipment of choice when using geothermal energy for your heating and cooling needs. Geothermal allows us to use the same unit for both heating and cooling.

So in many cases, we don't need a furnace at all!


I believe this is one of the most comprehensive heat pump troubleshooting websites available. There are many good websites out there. My goal is to be so comprehensive that this is the one-stop-shop for technicians

or just anybody trying to learn how to troubleshoot.

The troubleshooting section is arranged in table format. Each table presents a symptom. It then lists every possible reason and the solution associated with that reason.

Swimming pool heating

Now your pool may not look like the one below . . . but who says it can't feel like the one below?

Heating your pool can add to the joy of your swimming season. But let's face it, nobody enjoys the cost required to burn fuel.

One of the best ways to heat your pool is with the use of a heat pump. Burning fuel to maintain your pool water at a comfortable temperature can become very expensive and wasteful of our natural resources.

Using this style of heating for your swimming pool relies only on a small amount of electrical power to operate the compressor (compared to burning fuel). The rest of the heat is absorbed from the air outside. The downside???

It is very difficult and inefficient to operate below 40 F. But…how many of us want to swim outside when it is 40 F???

Heat Pump Parts

Are you looking for a compressor, fan motor, bracket, expansion valve.....or something else?

We do not sell the parts....however....we have done the research for you.  

Where is the best place to find the part you are looking for?  

Click on the "Parts" link above to find to it!

Water  Heater

A technology that is gaining popularity is the use of a heat pump water heater.  Rather than burning fuel to heat water, this type of water heater uses a standard air conditioning cycle in reverse to heat water.

This is especially efficient in the summer since it results in cooler air around the water heater.  However, the winter it removes a little heat from the area in which it installed.

For more information on this fascinating, "greener" technology click on the "Water Heater" link above.

Heat pumps are a strange passion of mine. In the right application, it can be one of the best financial decisions that can be made. In the wrong application, it will still work. It just may not supply your year-round needs.

Once again, my goal is to provide the answers that you are looking for. I believe once you click through this website and read the pages, you will be equipped to make the right decision.