Air Temperature Extremely High and Indoor Fan will Not Shut Off

(NC )

Its a 3 ton coleman unit.Came home from work and turned the heat on after about 15 min noticed extreme heat coming from duct.Sorry didn't take duct temp. outside ambient temp was 54 low side pressure was69.8 high side pressure was 218.4 and SH temp started out at 34 deg and SC at 16 deg then SH Climbed up to 83 deg and SC DROPPED TO 0. I then cut unit off.... the reason I hooked up the gauges was when I looked outside to do a visual check of unit it had shut off but inside fan was still running because thermostat hadn't reached set point. what could be a couple things I could check or a remedy for the problem any ideas would be appreciated THANKS.............

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Dec 22, 2013
goodman air-handler
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem with my goodman heat pump. Fan runs and only cuts off when breaker is pulled out at disconnect box at air-handler.T-stat does not have any affect on it at all.Any input would greatly appreciated.

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