Aquacal Pool Heat Pump

The Aquacal pool heat pump will do its job to keep your pool comfortable throughout the swimming season.  But what are the unique features that make this equipment stand out?

aquacal pool heat pump

What's Unique:

Low Noise Levels. The best feature of the Aquacal pool heat pump?

Its low noise level.

Aquacal has a published noise level of 55 dB. This is approximately the noise level of a small copy machine.

From 10 feet away it is virtually noise-free! If noise is a concern, this is the way to go!

Warranty. If you live in one of the east coast states of Florida, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, or Vermont warranty terms are extending quite generously. See the table below for details:

Installation Location Parts Labor Compressor Heat Exchanger Tubing
States Listed Above 7 year 2 year 7 year Lifetime
All Other States 2 year 2 year 5 year Lifetime

Patented Titanium Heat Exchanger. Many manufacturers within the pool heat pump industry boast a titanium heat exchanger in order to fight off the chemicals introduced into a swimming pool. However, Aquacal uses specially patented ThermoLink counter flow water management system. This is claimed to be the only counter flow heat exchanger on the market. If this is the case, the efficiency and operational limits are vastly improved for the AquaCal pool heat pump.

Other important features similar to other pool heat pumps:

Defrost. This allows the heating option of the heat pump to operate when outside conditions are below 50 F.

Digital Control and Diagnostics. Digital controls are incorporated within the Aquacal pool heat pump for ease of temperature control and troubleshooting. Digital codes are presented to indicate to the user or technician the source of the problem.

What Aquacal model would provide enough heat for my pool?

Of course, who wants to buy a pool heat pump that isn't large enough to heat their pool? Below is a table that indicates the amount of heat that each Aquacal model supplies.

Model Heat Pump Output
SQ110 63,000 - 100,000 Btu/hr
SQ120 73,000 - 113,000 Btu/hr
SQ155 86,000 - 135,000 Btu/hr
SQ175 91,000 - 143,000 Btu/hr
SQ121R 74,000 - 118,000 Btu/hr
SQ156R 88,000 - 139,000 Btu/hr

Aquacal Pool Heat Pump Rating:

At this section of every review page I give the manufacturer a 1 to 10 rating. 1 is low quality, 5 is average and 10 is high quality:

Quality Rating: 8

Aquacal exceeds expectations in providing a low noise emitting heat pump. Some other aspects of the Aquacal pool heat pump that gives it a slightly above average rating:

1) User Lock Code. This feature allows the owner to lock operational access to only qualified personnel.

2) Defrost cycle. This feature is a real benefit for swimming in lower ambient temperatures.

3) Refrigerant Pressure, Water Temperature, Compressor Delay. Each of these safety features, which are industry standard, protect your heat pump from early failure. Make sure that you take action if a trouble code appears! The only thing that I don't like... the adjustable compressor delay time. This should be set by the factory.

Aquacal Diagnostics Dictionary

Below are diagnostic codes for the Aquacal pool heat pump. I am not a huge fan of the Aquacal's diagnostics. Both Hayward and Rheem have a better diagnostic system.

Code Cause
dPO Defrost sensor open.
PO Water temperature sensor open.
dPC Defrost sensor shorted.
PC Water temperature sensor shorted.
LP Refrigerant system low pressure switch open.
HP Refrigerant system high pressure switch open.
HP5 5 High pressure faults within one call for cooling or heating.
LP5 Low pressure faults within one call for cooling or heating.
OTA Over temperature alarm.
FLO Low or no water flow detected.
FS Heater in defrost mode.
CSE Control system error.
CEr No communication from controller.

Need more information?

I hope that this information answered your questions! If not feel free to visit the Aquacal pool heat pump official website.

Rant or Rave!

What pool heat pump do you have/had or want? Where do you live? How long of a swimming season do you have now? Are pool heat pumps saving you any money compared to a previous heating method? Please comment on any one or all of these will be great to see some of your responses!

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