Beginning Geothermal Planning

by Harry
(Nashville, TN)

I recently purchased a 1300 square foot house on a 30,000 square foot lot. I am researching the possibilities for geothermal. So far I know:
Water table is 7 feet down, in the summer.
Central Air conditioner pulls 1815 watts when running.
Using calculator on internet, the house uses 1/2 ton of cooling.
The temperature of the water table (Sept 15) is 68 degrees F.
Heating load unknown at this time.

General things I know from past 40 years:
Do not oversize the unit. Humidity problems will result.
Do not make a decision until 1 year of data is available.
Cooling season is about 5 months. Heating season 5 months.
I bought a Trane central A/C in 1982 and the ex-wife still
is getting good use from it.
The insulation of this house is better than expected.

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