Carrier Greenspeed Infinity Heat Pump-Impressive

by Gordon

This is the second season for the Carrier and last year it's performance was impressive. The backup for the system is propane.

This winter there have been a few issues:1. The main computer board had to be replaced. Now the new one has been installed but the backup system(propane) seems to be operating more than the actual heat pump. The temp outside is around -11 degrees C. I have the inside temp set at 18 degrees in the day and 21 in the evening when home.
There are times when heat is called for the heat pump will come on and other times when the backup system comes on. I never know which unit is going to be operating. The one I expect to operate is the heat pump.
Last winter our propane system did not cut in once. So this is unusual.
If the temperature does not fall below -20C should I be able to shut off the gas and rely strictly on the heat pump.


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Mar 01, 2015
north of nyc - Moncton NB Canada
by: Anonymous

Well, natgas is spot priced in winter around here, electricity is 12 cents/kwh and rising (thanks to Point Lepreau refurbishing costs and rising taxes) and the only other alternative is wood now that everyone's thrown out their oil burners. Pellets are short this winter too. Southern NB is generally ok for heat pumps since we're near ocean water.

Since nobody can/will tell me what the balance point is with wood heat at half electric cost I continue to prefer wood for temps near and above freezing.

Mar 01, 2015
heatn pumps
by: Anonymous

from albany ny not sure why anyone north of ny city would even consider a heat pump unless there was no other heat source around ??

Dec 01, 2014
Greenspeed - first month
by: Gerald

We replaced an old Lennox unit in our 1991 Moncton home a few weeks ago. Besides electric backup we have a cast iron woodstove/insert. The house heat recovery ventilation is cleverly designed to move the family room wood heat around the house quite nicely. With electric approaching 12cents a kwh and rising there's lots of motivation to reduce electricity use.

The system is much quieter than the old 3 ton Lennox unit of 2000.

The infinity control panel is very useful, tracking daily electric use taught me quickly that "heat pump only" was better even when temperatures were well above freezing as the "system" uses about as much resistance heating as heat pump!!? My installer can't explain this.

I wish there was a separate house temp setting for the backup electric in case the wood stove isn't operating when the heat pump shuts down in extreme cold conditions.

Our installer was quite insistent that we give up the idea of night temperature setbacks (we are used to 50/15c at night) but when it's really cold out and running the wood stove allows an effective setback until the weather warms up again. Hardwood sawdust bricks come in handy when stuffing the stove for long overnight burns.

I would love to be able to calculate the electric cost of the heat pump at the lower end of it's operating range (below freezing) to compare to the cost of using the wood insert. Right now I play it safe and give the compressor a rest when much below freezing.

The cost of this unit was quite high but I have hopes we will get many years of energy savings. I love being able to monitor the overnight conditions from my smartphone - in bed!

Apr 29, 2014
clarifying location of PEI
by: Anonymous

Gordon is in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
I haven't bought a heat pump in 17 years, and what surprises me is that folks in Mass. and Eastern Canada are now buying heat pumps! I guess the gas pack has been a step forward in technology.
I live in NC.

Apr 26, 2014
thinking of 4ton greenspeed
by: Anonymous

I live in VA and not sure where you live since you refer to celcius temps .I torn between a carrier and a trane. Now getting concerned by comments

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