Carrier Heat Pump Review and Comparison

The Carrier heat pump is available in the following series:

1. Infinity Series

  • Highest efficiency, most expensive

2. Performance Series 

  • High efficiency, mid-range cost

3. Comfort Series

  • Average efficiency, lowest cost

Looking at each model, what do they offer and how do they stack up against the competition?  That's what we'll discuss next.

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Carrier Heat Pump - Infinity

Carrier Infinity heat pump

What's Unique?

The Infinity is Carrier's top of the line model. Under the Infinity line up are many distinctive sub-models:

  • Infinity with Greenspeed
  • Infinity 19
  • Infinity 18VS
  • Infinity 16 
  • Infinity 16 Coastal
  • Infinity 15

There are some things that us air conditioning and heating guys get excited to write about.

....The Infinity with Greenspeed is one of those things.

This Carrier heat pump uses variable speed drives to speed up and slow down the compressor motor. So instead of using one or multiple stages, the compressor motor slows down as the request for cooling or heating drops and speeds up as the request for cooling or heating increases.

Many heat pump manufacturers are starting to make variable speed technology available in the residential market.  

Carrier was one of the first to offer it.

The benefit of using a variable speed compressor?

Awesome energy efficiency!

The SEER on this Carrier heat pump is published at 20.5 and the HSPF is published at a staggering 13!

Numbers like that have blown away the competition for some time!  However, as more manufacturers use variable speed compressors, this has begun to level out. 

...And as the need for cooling or heating drops and the compressor slows down:

...the measured SEER and HSPF could potentially increase!


And that's not it:

The Infinity with Greenspeed (due to the ability to slow down the compressor) could drop to as low as 58 dB during operation. This too results in one of the lowest noise-emitting residential heat pumps on the market.


The other Infinity models are also worth a look.

The Infinity 19 will be less expensive.  If you don't care about industry beating noise levels or heating season efficiency, the I19 is a good unit.

The Infinity 18VS, though it has a lower top end cooling efficiency, shouldn't be overlooked.  The 18VS has a five-speed compressor.  The benefits of this?  Less expensive that a fully variable speed unit, but it has the ability to heat and cool very precisely and has low noise and the lower speeds.

The remaining Infinity models are simply less expensive, but with lower efficiency.  Don't forget to look at the heating season numbers if you live in an area where heating is required often.  Some more expensive model are more expensive due to their cooling efficiency, but may be undesirable for heating requirements.

Finally, if you live near the sea (within 10 miles), Carrier has introduced "coastal" models to their lineup.  With extra corrosion resistance on the air coils and steel frame, these units will hold up much longer in a corrosive environment than other units.  In fact, Carrier even has a 5 year limited "corrosion resistance" warranty which is somewhat new to the residential heat pump industry.

Specifications and Features?

Capacity Range:
The Carrier Infinity is available in 2-5 tons. This cooling range is very standard for the residential market. If more cooling is required, multiple units can be installed.

You already read my dissertation on the energy efficiency of the Infinity. But here's the summary:

Infinity with Greenspeed: SEER 20.5, HSPF 13
Infinity 19: SEER 19, HSPF 10
Infinity 18VS: SEER 18, HSPF 11
Infinity 16 (and 16 coastal): SEER 17.5, HSPF 9.5
Infinity 15: SEER 16, HSPF 8.5

It goes without saying: this Carrier heat pump has an Energy Star rating.

To read more about SEER, HSPF, or Energy Star click here.

Both the Infinity with Greenspeed and the Infinity use R-410a scroll compressors.

Of course, the big difference between the Greenspeed and the standard Infinity?

The Infinity Greenspeed and VS compressor has variable speed technology.

The standard Infinity uses both 2-speed and single speed compressors, depending the style that you choose.

Physical Size:
This information is unpublished.

Physical Characteristics:
The Infinity series uses a heavy gage galvanized steel with a powder coated outer for extra protection. This model is a little heavier duty than other Carrier offerings.  Of course, the "coastal" models offer more corrosion resistance as discussed above.

Carrier Infinity with Greenspeed: As low as 58 dB 
Carrier Infinity 19: As low as 65 dB
Carrier Infinity 18VS: As low as 55 dB
Carrier Infinity 16: As low as 67 dB
Carrier Infinity 15: As low as 68 dB

Agency Approvals:
The Carrier Infinity is UL and CUL approved.

Compressor Warranty: 10 year Limited 
Parts Warranty: 10 year Limited
Coastal Corrosion Parts Warranty: 5 year Limited (where applicable)

...But don't forget to register your product properly, otherwise the warranty period will change.

Carrier Heat Pump - Performance

Carrier Performance Heat Pump
Carrier Performance heat pump

What's Unique?

Representing Carrier's mid-range models is the Carrier Performance. There are four models representing the Performance line up:

  • Performance 16
  • Performance 15
  • Performance 14
  • Performance 13

The Performance ranks well against its competitors in sound and efficiency.

The Performance heat pump can emit a sound pressure as low as 68 dB.


Using one and two stage compressors, the Carrier Performance can obtain relatively high efficiency and low noise for a reasonable cost.  But be sure to purchase a heat pump with a high heating efficiency if you will be using the heat pump during the heating season.  

Specifications and Features?

Capacity Range:
The range of capacity for this model is 1.5-5 tons.

The Carrier Performance comes with an R-410a scroll compressor, and either two or single stage compressor, depending upon the model.

Physical Size:

This information is unpublished.

Physical Characteristics:
The physical construction of this Carrier heat pump series is a very standard steel construction with a galvanized inner coating and a powder coating outer.

Agency Approvals:
This Carrier heat pump is listed with UL and CUL.

Compressor Warranty: 10 year Limited
Parts Warranty: 10 year Limited

...But don't forget to register your product properly, otherwise the warranty period will change.

Carrier Heat Pump - Comfort Series

Carrier Comfort heat pump

What's Unique?

Now for the last of the Carrier heat pump:

The Comfort Series heat pump is Carrier's bottom dweller.

However, by looking at the energy efficiency of it best model, you would never guess it.

The SEER for this model is 15 and the HSPF is 8.5. This is one of the most energy efficient base model of all the major residential heat pump manufacturers.


The sound pressure also is pretty good: as low as 69 dB.


One other nice feature...Carrier offers a "coastal" Comfort model.  This variation offers greater resistance for parts that are susceptible to corrosion in seaside environments.  Typically this is best for areas within 10 miles of the coast.

Specifications and Features?

Capacity Range:
The range of capacity for the Carrier Comfort Base Series is 1.5-5 tons.

This model carries a simple single stage, R-410a scroll compressor.

Physical Size:
This information is unpublished.

Physical Characteristics:
The Carrier Comfort series comes with a galvanized steel frame, and a durable powder coating.

Agency Approvals:
Approved by UL and CUL.

Compressor Warranty: 10 year Limited
Parts Warranty: 10 year Limited
Coastal Corrosion Parts Warranty: 5 year Limited (where applicable)

...But don't forget to register your product properly, otherwise the warranty period will change.

Rant or Rave about your Carrier Heat Pump!

Do you have some experience to share regarding your Carrier heat pump? Please let us know what model you have and what you think about it!

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