condenser fan will not start

by james
(chattanooga, tn.)

Lennox model # chp20R-411-2P. The condenser fan won't restart after it shuts off for defrost cycle, we have replaced the start/run capacitor after replacing the 10KW heat strips due to melted wiring, also replaced the wires. Upon checking for proper operation noticed the slow dragging fan, checked and it spins freely but has a little play in the bearing but spins freely. put a new 40 mfd/5 mfd cap and when we manually pushed the contactor in the fan started pretty good and got to a fast speed, but when we used the thermostat to start it it would spin real slow and then gradually got up to max. speed but not nearly as fast as when we actuated the contactor manually.

I am going to replace the contactor and fan motor next unless someone can point me to another component. I read one story that said the defrost switch might cause this? since the original problem was that it wasn't defrosting right I may need to change it too, but this unit doesn't seem to have a defrost circuit board and it does have 3 relays maybe it uses them to control the fan, and maybe I need to replace one of them?

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