Debi's Dilemma

by Debora Wood
(Bellingham, washington )

Switching from 68 degrees to 70 degrees the heat pump will not shut off but has continued to run for as much as 2 hours before I manually shut the unit off. The 70 degree temp was reached within 20 minutes but the unit continues. The installation company says thus is normal, it is running through its cycle. I lived in Phoenix for 31 years and never had a heat pump do this. I live in Washington state and have only had the heat pump up and running for 4 days. Can you help me? Something is wrong.

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Dec 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

Check the insulation behind the thermostat - if cold air is coming in from there the thermostat does the right thing, keeps the unit on run. My unit switched to "emergency" heat till I find the cold air flow coming in behind the thermostat where it's connected to the unit. After insulation everything was fine. Installers should know this! but they missed class on that day probably :) good luck.

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