Goodman heat pump blows ice cold air during defrost cycle

by Mike
(Lewisburg, TN USA)

Goodman Model PHKJ036-1F

Hi, i have a 7 year old 2.5 ton Goodman residential heat pump that is blowing ice cold air during the defrost cycle. It is currently 30 degrees out and when the unit cycles into defrost mode (every 30 min), the air goes from room temp out of the heating vents to ice cold. The thermostat is flashing "Aux/Emergency Heat" indicating aux heat strip is on, but the air coming from the unit is ice cold. The Aux heat strip was just replaced with a brand new goodman unit 1 month ago due to the terminals being corroded and wires burned on the ends. This didn't fix the problem of NO aux heat i had BEFORE the new aux heat unit was installed.
When the HP comes out of defrost mode, i get room temp semi warm air again. Also, when i put the HP into direct emergency heat mode on the thermostat switch, the unit blows ice cold air. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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