Goodman heat pump starts but shuts off after 8 - 15 minutes

by chuck
(simpsonville , SC)

Goodman 2 1/2 ton heat pump model GSH130301AB

The heat pump evaporator fan works great. There is a new thermostat and new defrost control board on the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit comes on after being off for hours and runs great for 8 - 15 minutes. The operating pressures are 80 psig on the low side and 225 psig on the high side. The ambient temperature is 86 F. Also there is a new contactor. When the heat pump is off the low pressure switch is open .... no continuity. When off the DFT is closed and has continuity. 27 volts on orange/white , orange/blue red/blue red/white blue/red. Think it is LPS or DFT but not sure .... The reversing valve seems to be working fine as pressures do not change until the unit suddenly shuts off. How do I determine what is causing the condenser to shut off. Thanks ....... FYI I have alot of experience on split systems but none on heat pumps. This is my home system and wish to understand how to diagnose problems. Any help is very appreciated.

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