Goodman Heat Pump Review and Comparison

The Goodman heat pump is available in a number of models and sizes.

We'll be looking at six different models produced by Goodman:

  1. Most Efficient:

      - DSZC18 

  2. Mid-Range:

      - DSZC16
      - SSZ16
      - SSZ14
      - GSZ14  

  3. Least Efficient:

      - GSZ13

It is worth noting that Amana is owned by Goodman. So many of the heat pumps offered by Goodman are very similar if not mere copies of Amana.

Goodman Heat Pump: DSZC18

Goodman heat pump DSZC18

What's Unique

We really like the system protection that comes with the Goodman DSZC18.

Actually, each Goodman heat pump that we will be considering has this outstanding feature.

The DSZC18 comes with a suction accumulator.

What's that?

In order for a compressor to continue operating trouble-free, only refrigerant in a gaseous state can move through a compressor. If, at any time, liquid refrigerant makes its way back to the compressor, it dramatically shortens the life of the compressor.

The suction accumulator is a small vessel that acts as a trap for liquid refrigerant. If any liquid refrigerant exists in the suction line leading to the compressor, it will drop out in the suction accumulator.

This is why Goodman offers a lifetime warranty on their compressors. York also offers a lifetime warranty on their compressors, but only in specific installations. Goodman is not as stringent. As long as it stays in its original installation location, the compressor warranty should stand (of course there is some fine print to read in addition to that comment, but that's the basic premise).

Goodman goes the extra mile. If durability and dependability are a concern to you, this may be the right heat pump for your application.


Finally, the last feature that make Goodman different from the rest....

a compressor sound blanket, coupled with a discharge gas muffler. This helps the Goodman heat pump to stay within a consistent sound range. Some manufacturers state a nominal noise level, or a "as low as" noise level.

Goodman can maintain a much tighter noise variation due to the sound blanket and discharge gas muffler. The DSZC18 ranges from 72-75 dB.

Specifications and Features

Capacity Range:
The Goodman DSZC18 is available in a 3-5 ton cooling capacity range. This is a slightly disappointing range since many residential applications require a less than 3 ton capacity.

But, if your residence or building needs 3 or more tons, I guess this doesn't really matter.

This Goodman heat pump offers an average (maybe slightly above average) SEER(seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 18. The HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) for the DSZC18 is an above average 9.5.

Due to its good SEER and HSPF, the DSZC18 also has an Energy Star rating.

If you 'd like more information on SEER, HSPF, or Energy Star Visit my heat pump efficiency webpage.

This Goodman heat pump utilizes a 2-stage, R-410a scroll compressor. The second stage allows for more efficient operation during milder weather.

The 2-stage compressor also prolongs the life of the compressor by resulting in fewer on/off cycles.

Physical Size:
The Goodman DSZC18 is 35.5" x 35.5" x 38.5". Those approximate dimensions are very typical. The height of 38.5" is less than average.

Physical Characteristics:
Standard steel frame with a wire grill and powder coating finish.

Do you live in areas prone to strong winds? The frame comes with optional hurricane-rated anchors.

As mentioned above the noise level ranges between 72 and 75 dB.

Agency Approvals:
The Goodman DSZC18 is ETL listed.

Compressor Warranty: Limited lifetime!
Parts Warranty: 10 year limited

Goodman Heat Pump: DSZC16, SSZ16, SSZ14, GSZ14

Goodman heat pump DSZC16

What's Unique

Each of these units represent Goodman's mid-range models.

Just like the DSZC18, every Goodman heat pump comes with a suction accumulator, compressor sound blanket, and discharge gas muffler.

Take a look at the benefits of each component in the above section under "What's Unique?".

Each mid-range model also offers a lifetime warranty on the compressor. Of course, make sure to read the fine print in order to ensure that you keep the lifetime warranty valid.

Each of these heat pumps contain an ETL label that ensures proper electrical standards were followed and adhered to.

Specifications and Features

Capacity Range:
DSZC16: 2-5 ton cooling capacity available
SSZ16: 2-5 ton cooling capacity
SSZ14: 1.5-5 ton cooling capacity
GSZ14: 1.5-5 ton cooling capacity

Goodman offers a nice mid-range line up of models which maintain very good energy efficiency.

DSZC16: 16 SEER, 9.5 HSPF
SSZ16: 16 SEER, 9.5 HSPF
SSZ14: 15 SEER, 9 HSPF
GSZ14: 15 SEER, 9 HSPF

Each of the models above qualify for an Energy Star rating.

All of Goodman's mid-range model compressors are scroll-type with R-410a. As for the stages available on each model:

DSZC16: Dual-stage
SSZ16: Single-stage
SSZ14: Single-stage
GSZ14: Single-stage

Physical Size:
The Goodman DSZC16 has the following sizes:

Length: 29-35.5"
Width: 29-35.5"
Weight: 290-304 lbs

The SSZ16:
Length: 29-35.5"
Width: 29-35.5"
Weight: 205-340 lbs

The SSZ14:
Length: 29-35.5"
Width: 29-35.5"
Weight: 199-280 lbs

The GSZ14 is:
Length: 29-35.5"
Width: 29-35.5"
Weight: 199-280 lbs

The dimensions given above are quite average. Especially given the extra components (suction accumulator, discharge muffler) the sizes are quite reasonable.

However, the added components are definitely seen in the weight of each model. These are heavy heat pumps.

But if you want durability....sometimes you can't have it all!

Physical Characteristics:
This is quite interesting.

The DSZC16 has a standard wire grill and steel louver with a powder coated finish.

Whereas the SSZ16, SSZ14, and GSZ14 are reinforced with heavy gauge galvanized steel and a powder coated finish that is rated with a 500 hour salt spray rating.

This is the rare occurrence where the lesser models have more advanced features than the higher end models. The framing on these heat pumps are more durable than the advertised framing on the top end DSZC18.

For comparison purposes 70 dB is approximately equal to a vacuum cleaner at 3 ft away and 75 dB is approximately equal to loud singing at 3 ft away.

DSZC16: 72-75 dB
SSZ16: 70-72 dB
SSZ14: 70-75 dB
GSZ14: 70-75 dB

Agency Approvals:
All Goodman heat pumps are ETL listed.

DSZC16, SSZ16, SSZ14 Compressor Warranty: Limited lifetime! 
GSZ14 Compressor Warranty: 10 yr limited 
Parts Warranty: 10 year limited

Goodman Heat Pump: GSZ13

Goodman heat pump GSZ13

What's Unique

The GSZ13 is Goodman's low end heat pump offering.

As with most low end heat pumps, there are not many unique features worth mentioning.

However, as holds true for the other Goodman heat pumps, this model includes a suction accumulator, compressor sound blanket and discharge gas muffler.

Also due to a SEER of 13, this Goodman heat pump is not approved for an Energy Star rating.

Specifications and Features

Capacity Range:

This Goodman heat pump is available in a cooling capacity range of 1.5-5 tons.

Once again the GSZ13 does not qualify for an Energy Star rating. This is due to having a SEER of 13. The minimum required SEER for an Energy Star heat pump is 14. The HSPF of 8, however is the minimum heating seasonal performance factor required for Energy Star.

This Goodman heat pump is available in a single stage, R-410a scroll compressor.

Physical Size:
The dimensions are 26-35.5" Length x 26-35.5" Width x 32-34" Height.

The weight ranges from 198-266 lbs depending on the chosen capacity.

Physical Characteristics:
The GSZ13 frame comes with heavy gauge galvanized steel and a powder coated finish that is rated with a 500 hour salt spray.

The noise level on this heat pump ranges from 71-76 dB. Much like the mid-range models, this would equate to the noise of loud music at a couple of feet away.

Agency Approvals:
This Goodman heat pump is ETL listed.

Compressor Warranty: 10 year limited
Parts Warranty: 10 year limited

Rant or Rave about your Goodman Heat Pump!

Do you have some experience to share regarding your Goodman heat pump? Please let us know what model you have and what you think about it!

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If you want any more information about the heat pumps provided by Goodman, visit the Goodman heat pump official website.

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