Heat Pump Defrosts at 45 degrees and too often.

by Kevin S Poling
(Thornton, WV, USA)

I recently installed a Airtemp VT48D-36k 3.0 ton Heat pump.
The outside unit defrosts at 45 dgrees and higher and does it way to often approximately every cycle or every 20 minutes or so according to when the thermostat is demanding heat. How can I turn this down and set it to defrost only when needed and make my heat pump efficient as it is intended to be. My electric bill is sky high and the next door system almost identical only half the electric cost and only defrost well below freezing. Coincidentlly this is how I discovered that the VT48D-36k was set high.

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May 13, 2015
Defrost Cycles Too Often
by: Anonymous

You are going to have to get a technician to look at it. In most heat pumps, defrost comes on as needed based on the defrost control and sensor. The more likely scenario is that there is a problem with the defrost control or refrigeration system requiring frequent defrost cycles or check to see if the outdoor unit is dirty. This can cause excessive defrost cycles.

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