Heat Pump Making Loud Noise and little heat

by Tami
(Virginia Beach)

I was away for two days during very cold weather and when I returned my heat pump could not warm the house to 66 and was making a loud noise. The fan was moving. The heating guy said the compressor was blown and needs to be replaced. Does this sound reasonable?

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Jan 30, 2014
Could be compressor but....
by: Anonymous

The interesting point that you made was in regard to the heat pump working differently after 2 days of cold weather.

Could it be the compressor? Yes.

But this is obviously the most expensive part of the heat pump, so as long as the contractor checked everything else, you may need to change the compressor. How old is your heat pump?

There are many possible reasons that your heat pump is not working. When it comes to an expensive fix like the compressor, it is best to get a second opinion.

It could be simple, such as a bad start capacitor or contactor.

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