Heat Pump not Defrosting in Defrost Mode

I have a older unit(Heil). The unit seems to go into defrost mode but it doesn't seem to be defrosting anything. The fan shuts off and the compressor is still running and I think i hear some coolant running but ice is still built up around the unit and nothing melts away. Any possible suggestions. I see that the accumulator has ice around it and also 2 of the 3 pipes that go to the top of the reversing valve and part of the compressor where one of the pipes goes from accumulator to the compressor. Please help guys. I've replaced the reversing valve coil, new heat/cool relay, new defrost relay, and new contactor as I was having problems before with it not going into defrost but changing all of these parts now does not make it go into defrost.

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Jan 23, 2015
heat pump not defrosting in defrost mode
by: Bobby

I am having the exact problem with my Rheem RQNM. I've replaced the defrost control board and the fan relay. The I hear what sounds like fluid moving in the coil with the fan off when the system is asking for heat. However I see no signs of defrosting. I even moved my timer to 50min intervals vs the default 90. No effect. Did you ever figure out the problem? I haven't replaced the ambient or coil sensors yet.

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