Heat Pump not working

by Robert
(Southern Nevada)

Rheem RQKA Tag is very hard to read sorry. I think it's a "scroll" as per the pic of what looks like a range heating element in red on the side.
No heat, compressor not starting. replaced thermostat to standard model instead of digital after finding a loose wire at thermostat and same broken inside unit. Repairman had blamed everything but his own work, even replaced a valve and "bypassed the time delay" as written on invoice instead of repairing it correctly! It's a condo so as manager I checked wires on a working unit and same thermostat wires connected to this one's color code, so I marked and moved the working standard thermostat so I know it's wired correctly now with the prog stat off (in case it was the problem) and fan blows air into home but compressor unit on roof never starts, that fan don't spin, and nothing works

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