Heat pump Vibrates wall.

by Paul Swaffer
(Clarksville Tn)

I had installed a Goodman 2012 GSZ130242BC heat pump mid 2012 the company that installed it has replaced the complete unit inside and out with another like unit. I still have the problem the compressor or valve or something is vibration and sounds like a diesel tractor running in my bed room. It is vibrating through a brick wall, no window. They have tried to insulate the pipe set but no luck. The unit is so loud that it is vibrating the wall through the air. Has anyone else had this problem? Can you recommend another unit?

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Dec 04, 2013
search for lower DB
by: Anonymous

I did some search and looked for a unit with lower decibel noise level 50. There is one by other company. My old 14 yr unit was the same brand and it was very quiet. Anything above 50 is noisy. Most units are located under or close to the bedroom, like mine. What a big mistake that is! After this Goodman unit I will definitely switch back to my old brand carrier. I purchased Goodman because I was told by the contractor the company is American. Yes, they are located in Texas but that does not make the company "Made in USA" they use parts that we can not tell where they were made. I guess Goodman system is noisy either places it does not matter if they run in TN or PA...

Dec 03, 2013
Goodman HVAC Noise

Yep, I am with you. Waiting for the unit to die and will not use Goodman again.
I have had some success with my vibration problem by removing all did I say ALL support strapping. The only support for the line set now is it comes through the wall then resting on a 4" drain pipe and then entering into the air handler. There is basically a 2-3" air space between the pipe set and floor joists. I have a basement so it is easy to experiment. The installer has installed baffles in the return and supply ducts but now it appears the vibrating noise is coming through the foil backed insulation.
I think I will go with Maytag the next time. Most reviews are favorable but some not, stating noise problems.
The installer is coming back this week to take another look but is already giving me the db level excuse.
He is not being awakened 3-4 time a night so we know where his heart is, in his pocket book..
Hope this helps.

Dec 02, 2013
2013 Goodman is still the same
by: Anonymous

Goodman unit heat/pump was installed not long ago 7/2013. The unit runs like a tractor or a loud lawn mover. Goodman(Amana) did not improve the heat/pump unit/s. I am stock with the noise also and Goodman Rep. was not helpful either. His comment was that the unit runs according it's specification which is 70-71 decibels but summer time it goes up to 78 and above. According to the rep Goodman is using the "best" compressors, well you know it better by now just like I know it better too by now. Also their unit is not "Energy Star Approved" only tested and not qualified for it.I am waiting for the compressor to die and try my best to get unit with lower DB. Even if the compressor will be replaced by Goodman the trouble is not worth to stay with them or with their contractor either.

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