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Before analyzing each manufacturer for a heat pump comparison, ask yourself:

What features on a heat pump are important to me?

Durability: It's no use buying a cheap heat pump if you're going to have to replace it in a couple of years!

Energy Efficiency: Why buy an expensive, energy efficient heat pump if your slightly smaller electrical bill won't give you a good payback?

Or the opposite.....

Why buy a cheap, inefficient heat pump, if it causes your electrical bill to jump significantly?

There are many more aspects to consider. So that's why I devoted a section of this website to providing a comprehensive and organized means of doing a heat pump comparison.

Manufacturer Comparison

York heat pump
Carrier heat pump

York, Carrier (both pictured above), Trane, Goodman, and many more...

Is one manufacturer superior over another?

Each manufacturer has their own reputation.

Trane is known for durability.

Carrier is known for innovation.

York is known for quality.

Not that Trane isn't innovative, or that Carrier doesn't have high quality. But recognizing each for their strengths is a key factor is choosing the right heat pump.

If you would like to start reading about the unique aspects and features of each make and model click on each of the links that follow:

The York heat pump is known for high quality, as the heat pump structure and frame will probably last as long as the best.

...And the compressor warranty is worth reading about.

Next is the Carrier heat pump. Carrier blows away the competition inenergy efficiency but,

... you'll have to pay for it of course.

Took a look at the many

Trane heat pump offerings available. Trane has no shortage in different models and styles. They offer a durable, long lasting product.

If you are interested in a lifetime compressor warranty (very rare!) and good system protection components that will make the heat pump last, don't miss Goodman heat pump products.

The American Standard heat pump offers three different series (Platinum, Gold, and Silver).  For being a lower tier model, the Silver Series offers good energy efficiency and is very lightweight compared to the competition.

Are you looking for a good warranty?  The Rheem heat pump could be your solution.  It also boasts one of the shortest heat pumps on the market!

The Lennox heat pump offers one of the most efficient heat pump on the market today. You may also install this heat pump in conjuctions with the Lennox SunSource; which uses solar energy to supply power to the heat pump.  Lennox also uses corrosion resistant construction that contributes to its durability.  For more information and details on all of Lennox model click on the link above.

Mini split heat pumps are becoming a leader in energy efficient solutions.  The Mitsubishi heat pump stands out as one of the most efficient at a staggering 26 SEER for it top of the line model.  When doing a heat pump comparison, Mitsubishi is one you definitely want to look at!

If you are looking for efficiency, Bryant heat pump offers one the most efficient conventional heat pumps on the market.  The Evolution Extreme boasts a 20.5 SEER and a staggering 13 HSPF for winter operation.  This is one of the most efficient heat pumps available and would be good for climates which have a typical winter between 30 - 55 F.

...And coming soon:

Heil heat pump
Payne heat pump
Coleman heat pump
Rudd heat pump
Frigidaire heat pumps
Armstrong heat pump
Sanyo heat pump
Tempstar heat pump
Ducane heat pump
Jandy heat pump
Gibson heat pumps
Maytag heat pumps
Mammoth heat pump
Climate Master heat pumps
Friedrich heat pump

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