Heat Pump Information.... At Your Fingertips

The difference between a good decision and a bad decision . . . information!  And for our purposes, heat pump information.

That is why it is so important for a buyer, technician, or contractor to take their time and get to know what it is they are buying, fixing, or installing.

So take your time....

Read through this page and click on any links that you think could give you some knowledge that you don't have.

Let's Get Down to the Basics...

First of all, if I were to ask you....

"What is a heat pump?"

...how would you answer me? If you're not completely sure, click on the link above to give you information that the layman and the expert can understand!

Are any of you engineers, scientists, or neither, but you enjoy the technical aspects of equipment?

We've also included an engineer's guide to heat pumps by examining heat pump theory.

Here we look into the properties of state, as well as the basic refrigeration cycle to see how we can use it to both heat and cool efficiently.

Energy efficiency is not only interesting to the engineer but to the consumer as well.

Energy efficiency = $$$$$ saved

Would you like to know the difference between the efficiency of a heat pump and that of a typical air conditioner, furnace, boiler, etc?

Heat pump efficiency is greatly dependant on climate, when and how you use it. If you go the page directed by the link above, I give some good guidelines that can be followed.

Heat Pump Maintenance

What does it take to maintain a heat pump?

....More time?

....More money?

As with anything that is mechanical, it can break down. Sometimes we buy a car that gives us no problems until the day it dies. Another car might make us dig deep into our wallets.

So there are no guarantees. However, there is some heat pump information that we need to keep in mind which will help to make them last. Click here for some good tip heat pump maintenance tips!

Other Heat Pump Information Resources

Of course, this website isn't the only one on the web with quality heat pump research tools. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy publishes an entire section on heat pumps.  Due to increase in global demand for energy efficient solutions, heat pumps have become more and more of a means by industry and consumer to meet aggressive energy saving targets.  

You can access the latest from Energy.gov related to heat pumps here: heat pump information.

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