Julia's EverRest ASZ13030-2.5 ton, 13 seer, R-410A

by Julia Sotory
(Wind Gap)

This unit sounds like an old tractor when the compressor starts up, the contractor tried to correct the noise level but nothing worked. Replacement so far is not on the way, installed on 7/3/2013, now it's 11/1/2013. No change, no improvement, nobody returns my calls either. In my opinion this is a peace of junk that cost close to $5,000.00 and nothing like the write up says that: "that your cooling system doesn't interfere with a good night's sleep." I have to turn off the system during the night to get a good night sleep and winter is on the way. It's loud, blower is like being in a wind tunnel. I do not recommend this brand even to my enemies. Please do not invest your hard earned money in this make.

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Nov 30, 2013
EverRest Goodman Heat/Pump 13 SEER
by: Julia

Goodman Heat/Pump experience 2013: This is a follow-up to my post on 11/1/13:The Representative checked the noise level outside and his conclusion was that the noise level is within the manufacturer’s specification which is 70-71 DB. He completely ignored that during the summer the contractor’s measurements as high as 78 DB. As the unit start up each time the noise level changes. This noise level is equal to the noise of loud music at a couple of feet away. I made a mistake by not checking his reading at the time when the unit was started up. My unit according to the contractor is made by Goodman, located in Texas. However this is a side line of Amana. All units suppose to have the "best" compressor with sound blanket as the Rep. said it. This compressor has a sound blanket and the sound level is still very high or the blanket is not more than thin layer of plastic. This heat pump by Goodman runs on R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant. My old unit had the old R-22 and this refrigerant will be completely phased out by 2015.This is one of the reason why I tried to update my unit after losing the refrigerant in the 14 yrs old quite unit. Also folks if there is a tax credit for heat pump update make sure that the unit is above 15 SEER/EER/HSPF. My unit is only 13 SEER and that is below the requirement. So I miss the $300 tax credit which will expire by 12/31/2013.Also this unit made by Goodman is Energy Star tested but not approved. Contract letter written by contractor was misleading; there is a different between tested and approved. Folks do your research before you invest your hard earned money in a new unit. I trusted the contractor since his company serviced the old unit that came with my house and his name was listed on the unit. I would never again take any contractors word. I am stuck with a noisy Heat / Pump unit that does not qualify for the company’s advertisement that says: "…that your cooling system doesn’t interfere with a good night’s sleep". If the unit would be placed far away from the house then may be the noise would not interfere with a good night’s sleep. For me it’s too late I just wait for the compressor to die and the unit will be replaced with a quite system. Yes, there are units with 50 DB! Just do your research. A noisy compressor means that something is wrong with it, sooner or later will do the last kick. Also, these guys would not have the same unit in their backyards, I am sure of that. Something has to be wrong since I was offered extended warranty on the compressor.

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