Nancy's Trane XL18i

by Nancy
(Nanaimo, B.C., Canada)

I had this heat pump installed in June 2015. It seems to work fine for cooling but not for heating my 925 square foot manufactured home. In below 0 temperatures it ices up frequently and sends cold air through my ducts. The emergency heat does not engage for a long time (30 minutes or more), the temperature drops up to 5 degrees F while it goes through the de-icing process, and it takes a long time to get my home up to temperature. The unit is very noisy when going through the de-icing procedure as well. The temperature of my home fluctuates a lot during the day, so we're shivering from the cold air blowing from the vents and then peeling off layers as the house gets too warm. I don't understand why it can't keep my home at a constant temperature all year round. I'm hoping that this is a thermostat issue rather than a heat pump problem. I am having great difficulty getting support from the dealer who sold and installed the unit. I purchased a Trane as Consumer Reports rated it higher than other brands.

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