No heat

by Don
(Lafayette, Indiana )

I have a Bryant heat pump. We are in a severe cold time and the temps outside is in the -14 for the high temp. My problem started when the power first went out and have been going on and off for at least 5-6 hours now. When the lights first went out. The outside unit didn't start back up, so the alt- heat come on. When then the power went back off and the system didn't start up like it should. Even with the alt heat comes on there is still no heat coming out and the outside unit still not on. I checked breakers and the breaker box and everything was on and was ok. The house is only about 1 year and a month old but the warranty has expired on the heating unit. I know a little about heating and air because I did work in the field many years ago, but systems have changed since I have worked in the field. I don't know what else to do. I really don't want to call a service company when there might be something that I can fix myself. Please help!!!!

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Jan 07, 2014
Check power quality
by: Anonymous

Since the electricity went out.....could there still be problems with the quality of your power? Is your voltage within 10% of nominal? Problems with another leg of power? While this should be done by a qualified technician (since you are dealing with high voltage testing), this should be tested first before troubleshooting the heat pump itself.

It makes sense since the auxiliary heat is on (doesn't need perfect voltage), but the power possibly can't spin a motor.

Another possibility is that an electrical component or thermostat was damaged during the power on and off cycle.

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