Outside unit won't start, air handler runs/backup electric runs

by Dave
(Maryville TN)

I have a Rheem Model RPMD that is approx 10 yrs old. Last week during cold spell the compressor and fan failed to start. Air handler is working with the backup electric heat strips.I can start compressor by depressing contactor in outside unit but it will not continue to run after I release contactor. I checked for low voltage at the coil below the contactor (yellow wire to ground)and get zero. The thermostat is a SimpleComfort 2200 which I assume is operating as the air handle is functioning normally. Note, the compressor seems to start and run fine, does not seem to be under high load, sounds fine but shuts off when I release the contactor. I have been using the emergency setting for almost a week while waiting for service. Any ideas?
Dave P

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