Paul's Trane XL1400 bought 07/2001, vs going to XV20i Heat Pump

by Paul
(Columbia, TN)

I bought a Trane XL1400 Gas/electric (LP) unit, in July 2001. I do not have natural gas access. I have had zero problems with this unit until now. Have been pleased with my past (14) yr's of service. My heat exchanger now has holes. This unit did not have a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger back then. Amana did, but the warranties were much better on the Trane.

Now I'm debating on possibly buying a Trane XV20i varible speed compressor HEAT PUMP. I have just started reading literature. This would allow me to be rid of my propane tank. I've heard a lot of good about going to a HEAT PUMP. Please, I'm looking for your feedback on going this route, vs. buying another Heat pak unit like I have now.
Thank You!

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