Want a longer swimming season...
pool heat pumps!

Are you one of those who feel the temperature of the pool water before jumping in?

Wouldn't it be nice to dive in without thinking twice about the frigid water?

Pool heat pumps make that possible....quite cost effectively.

This type of water heater uses refrigerant (just like your air conditioner) to extract heat from the air.

So it is almost like putting free heat into your pool. With the exception of electrical cost for running a compressor, fan, and pump, all of the heat is taken free of charge from the air around us.

Propane and natural gas heaters are typically more expensive because there is no free heat. Every ounce of heat comes from the gas burned.

Of course, this costs money that doesn't have to be spent!

Save Money

EUS pool heat pumps (also known as Hayward) claim to be 75% - 80% less expensive to operate than propane heaters (that's like a candy bar for every dollar spent!) and 50 - 55% less than natural gas heaters (....a candy bar 20 years ago).

The Rheem heat pump claims to be 27% the cost of natural gas and 13% the cost of propane. The numbers sure do the talking here!

Let's take an example. An average size above ground pool could cost $400 per year to operate using natural gas (depending on where you live). This means that each year a Rheem heat pump would save you $300!

Quiet operation

Would you like to have a heat pump that is very quiet during operation? Some of the most annoying noises are from mechanical equipment. Aquacal has a heat pump that is as quiet as one-on-one conversation. Hayward also boasts quiet operation, among other things.

Extend your swimming season

For those of you who live in climates with short summers, would you like to extend your swimming season? Heat pumps are a great way to do this. One superb product on the market for this kind of application is the Aqua Comfort. Even when the temperature outside is 40 F (5 C), these heat pumps can heat the pool to your desired temperature, depending on it's size.

Other pool heat pumps

If the pool heat pumps mentioned above do not make your decision conclusive, check out Perfectemp, Gulf Stream, the Tital T1. These manufacturers also make a good product.

Also below is a great interview highlighting the benefits and challenges of various types of pool heaters:

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