reversing valve coil buzzing

by Ryan
(ontario ca)

Mammonth m#D013HHF1 S#89 E 146159

Hi I have an issue with my heat pump . The reversing valve coil is making a loud buzzing noise. I took off one lead from the coil and I heard a flush and hp is now running in cooling. When I try to reattach lead to reverse valve coil it makes a loud buzzing sound. I am only reciveing 8vac at rv coil leads when compressor is running . Rv coil is a 24v. The wires coming back from the rv go to a relay and transformer. Why am i getting a excessively loud buzzing noise from the coil?

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Dec 13, 2016
loose bolt
by: Anonymous

See if the bolt holding the solenoid is loose.

Oct 23, 2014
Low voltage
by: Ex-HVAC Instructor

Most 24 volt devices require about 18 volts to operate reliably. You might have a loose connection or a bad relay contact causing the voltage drop. Work backward from the RV solenoid until you get a read of at least 24 volts.

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