Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater

The Rheem heat pump water heater is represented among a few different models:

  • Rheem Ecosense: A model which appears to be sold exclusively at Home Depot, is re-branded specifically for Home Depot. 
  • Rheem Prestige: This water heater is sold through approved Rheem dealers.
  • Ruud Prestige: Ruud is a division of Rheem. 

Each of the above models, although containing different branding names, are essentially the same.  So the discussion below applies to each of the models above.

Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater:
What's Unique?

Below are a few features that makes the Rheem heat pump water heater stand out among its competition:

  • The first hour rating of 57 gal/hr is very good for the size of the tank (50 gallons).
  • Rheem requires the water heater to be installed indoors in a room with a minimum size of 1000 cubic feet.  For a small water heater, this is not a very good requirement.  One of Rheem's competitors, Stiebel Eltron, is an 80 gallon heater but only requires a room sized at 800 cubic feet.
  • This water heater can be installed in a room that maintains only 37 degrees Fahrenheit.  If it is being installed in a garage, this can result in significant energy savings compared to most competition (e.g. G.E. requires 45 degrees).
  • Contains a magnesium anode rod which prevents the formation of rust.
  • There is a backup dry fire protection system in case the electric heating elements malfunction.
  • There are many useful operating modes; Vacation, High Demand, Electric Only, Energy Saver...and of course....Heat Pump.
  • Is capable of operating in a remote mode enabling the home owner to use it in conjunction with a central home control system.

Specifications and Features

  • Price: Home Depot offers the Ecosense for $899 (USD).  This price has dropped in the last five years from $1199.
  • Energy Factor: This number allows a homeowner to determine how much energy savings one can expect in comparison with standard electric water heaters.  The energy factor for the Rheem heat pump water heater is 2.45.  This means that this water heater is 2.45 times more efficient than a typical electrical water heater.
  • Water Capacity: The Rheem and Ruud Prestige models are available in 50 gallon capacities.  The Rheem Ecosense is available in both 50 and 40 gallon.
  • First Hour Rating: This rating tells us how many gallons of water the water heater can supply in one hour.  The first hour rating for this Rheem heat pump water heater is 57 gallons.
  • Size: The diameter on this device is 21 inches.  The height for the 40 gallon Ecosense is 65.5 inches and for the 50 gallon models is 75.5 inches.
  • Electrical: 208/240 V 60 Hz power is required for this unit.
  • Required Room Size: The room that this water heater is installed in must be at least 1000 cubic feet in volume.
  • Warranty: The factory supplies a 12 year limited parts and tank warranty.  It is worthy to note that if you buy the Ecosense at Home Depot, an additional 1 year labor warranty is included.

If you are looking for more information, the U.S. Department of Energy publishes a good review of the most popular, including the Rheem heat pump water heater.

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