Rheem Pool Heat Pump

Rheem pool heat pump

Which heat pump should I purchase for my pool?  Isn't that what the decision comes down to?  After all, who wouldn't want a longer swimming season as a result of more comfortable water temperatures!

The Rheem pool heat pump stands out as one of the more common pool heat pumps on the market today.  But there are subtle differences between pool heat pumps that are highlighted below.

What's Unique:

Titanium spiral heat exchanger. The Rheem pool heat pump boasts a spiral-style heat exchanger while many pool heat pump manufacturers use a titanium heat exchanger, . This type of heat exchanger is ideal for applications where debris or particles make its way into the heat exchanger. Good for salt water pools. 

Powder coated steel casing. This is both a pro and con. The steel casing makes it very tough and resistant to rough handling. Who hasn't made a wrong turn on the riding lawn mower? At the same time, this makes the heat pump very heavy to handle. Well over 300 lbs!

Setpoint control options. Before ordering, you have the option of either analog or digital control. Analog models have a temperature dial with diagnostic indicator lamps. Digital models have up and down arrow temperature setpoints with diagnostic fault codes.

Sound/Vibration Pads. I like this one! One of the most underappreciated aspects of extending the life span of mechanical equipment is vibration elimination. None of us would ever think about driving a car without shocks. It we did, the car would be ruined in no time. Other mechanical equipment, though not as sensitive as a car, is sensitive to vibration. Another plus...reduces irritating sound!

Specifications and Features:

Refrigerant 410a. This is an environmentally-friendly refrigerant that is gaining popularity compared to the refrigerant R-22 that has been phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Diagnostics. Both the digital and analog control models have indicators that help a owner or technician to diagnose problems that the heat pump may be having. Analog models incorporate indicator lamps and digital models have fault codes. For the meaning various fault codes see section below.

Cooling option. Is your area known for hot summers? A true heat pump also has the capability to cool the water. The Rheem pool heat pump that supports this feature is the 6350HC.

What Rheem models would provide enough heat for my pool?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. The amount of heat that you will need is very dependent on where you live, the size of your pool, and the kind of temperature that you want to maintain.

In order to get a final assessment, I would recommend contacting myself or the manufacturer for a one-on-one consultation to be sure of what Rheem pool heat pump will work for your pool demands.

Below are a few guidelines:

Model Heat Pump Output Typical Pool Size*
M5350ti 95,000 Btu/hr 0-2000 gallons
M6350ti 117,000 Btu/hr 2000-6000 gallons
M6350ti-HC 110,000 Btu/hr 2000-5000 gallons
M8350ti 133,000 Btu/hr 4000-20000 gallons

* Pool sizes listed are an estimate only.

Also check out this great pool heat pump sizing assistant.

How much does the Rheem pool heat pump cost to operate?

The final cost of your Rheem pool heat pump is not the only price tag you need to consider. Heat pumps throughout the industry are typically priced based on two things quality and the name attached to it.

However, the month to month cost of operating the heat pump can vary from one make and model to another.

The key factor you must consider is C.O.P. Not the kind of COP that pulls you over for speeding, but the Coefficient Of Performance.

The C.O.P. for pool heat pumps typically range between 4 and 7, depending on many factors. The higher the number, the more efficient your heat pump is.

So before buying any heat pump, compare the C.O.P. Let me say that again....

Before buying any heat pump, compare the C.O.P.

See the table below for the Rheem pool heat pump C.O.P and corresponding cost per hour of operation.

Model C.O.P. Cost per Hour*
M5350ti 6.6 $0.46
M6350ti 6.2 $0.61
M6350ti-HC 6.1 $0.58
M8350ti 5.5 $0.77

* Based on electrical utility cost of $0.11 per kW-hour

I always mention one more thing in every discussion dealing with pool heat pump operating cost. I fully recommend a pool cover or blanket when the pool is not in use. You could save up to 50% on your energy costs just by conserving the heat lost from evaporation. A pool blanket that is specifically designed to insulate is fully worth any cost!

Rant or Rave!

What pool heat pump do you have/had or want? Where do you live? How long of a swimming season do you have now? Are pool heat pumps saving you any money compared to a previous heating method? Please comment on any one or all of these questions....it will be great to see some of your responses!

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