Solar Heat Pump 

Various green technologies, such as the solar heat pump, have gained momentum in popularity as the public has taken a more active interest in energy conservation and renewable resources.

Heat pumps in general have long been celebrated for their lower energy use as well as their year round functionality. The solar heat pump has taken this to the next level by combining the green technology of solar power with the traditional heat pump. 

How Solar Energy Can Improve the Comfort of Your Home

Traditional heat pumps work much in the same way as air conditioners in that they run off your home's electricity. Although heat pumps use less electricity overall, the development of a solar heat pump has come as a welcome innovation to green-minded homeowners.

This type of heat pump works in the same way as any other solar powered appliance. Solar panels attached to the home and integrated into your own power grid supply the power needed to make the heat pump operate. Some homes also use a back up supply from traditional or existing energy sources as solar power can sometimes experience issues with consistency, depending on the panels used, the way your home uses energy and, of course, how much the sun is willing to cooperate. 

How Common Are Solar Powered Heat Pumps?

Green technologies have become one of the fastest growing fields when it comes to various appliance and the solar heat pump is no exception.  Heat pumps themselves have become increasingly common, with major manufacturers investing in research and development in order to make heat pumps that offer both power and efficiency. There are now a number of well known and reputable companies that offer various models with solar capability, among them are:

  • Lennox – Lennox is a company well known for heating and cooling. As of 2014, they offer eight different heat pump models which they market as being Solar Ready. These heat pumps can work from solar power as soon as they are installed or can run on traditional electricity until a home is prepared to make the conversion to solar power.  Lennox is leading the charge in supplying a solar system with the heat pump.  
  •  Coleman – The Coleman company has cultivated a stellar reputation for a variety of products. Well known for their camping appliances, the Coleman company has begun to introduce a line of solar heat pump models for larger RVs.
  • Caleffi – A newcomer to the heating and cooling scene, Caleffi has made a name for themselves by producing appliance which embrace eco-friendly innovations, including solar powered heat pumps and other major household appliances.

Other brands which offer solar heating and cooling options include:

  • Fafco
  • Horizon
  • Johnson
  • Pentair

Is a Solar Heat Pump Right For You?

Heat pumps in general work best in areas which don't experience freezing or below freezing temperatures on a regular basis.

Although innovations and new advances in heat pump technology hope to address this issue in the future, for now, extreme climates simply aren't a good match for this type of year round climate control.

For residents in more temperate climates, however, a solar heat pump can provide year round comfort at significant savings. The combination of using solar power and the energy efficiency of a heat pump offers substantial savings, lessens a home's carbon footprint and provides even heating and cooling throughout the year.

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