TRANE zl18i

by Ron
(Woodbury ct.)

Since our power is free because of a very large solar array and if the surplus power is not used on or before March of each year, we use a Trane xl18i with a hydronic heating system and Hyperion variable flow air handler. One system is 3 ton and the other is 2 ton. We removed the straight air conditioning condensers and replaced them with heat pumps.
We have Nast thermostats with Honeywell zone boards.
Our experience has been great. Very comfortable very quiet. The 3 ton unit only uses 2kw - hour and even at 25 the heat pump is still more efficient than using oil
If I didn't have solar I would still use a heat pump but never would use back up electric strips.

We always used TRANE and the two stage saves even more ! Great company great products

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