Trane Heat Pump Review and Comparison

There are twelve Trane heat pump models that we will be considering in three groups:

1. Top end models:

2. Mid-range models:

3. Low end models:

Let's look at each model in detail and see how they compare to each other and the competition.  If you are interested in reading personal reviews from owners of a Trane heat pump, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Trane Heat Pump:
XV20i, XL20i and XV18

trane heat pump XL20i

What's Unique?

Finally Trane has answered the call!

For a period, Carrier was only one of two mainstream residential heat pump manufacturers with a variable speed compressor.

Now Trane has offered, not one, but two models with variable speed technology.

How can variable speed compressors benefit us, the homeowner?

In three main ways:

  1. More energy efficient than your standard one or two stage compressor.
  2. Quieter operation
  3. More precise temperature control in our homes.

That being said....

What's unique about the top of the line models offered by Trane?


First, the XV20i and XV18 come with variable speed compressors.  They boast the lowest noise level in the industry, 54 dB!

It is important to note that the XL20i, although very energy efficient, does not come with a variable speed compressor.


These Trane heat pump models are some of the most energy efficient heat pumps available.  The SEER ranges from 18-20 and the HSPF can be as high as 10.


The XV20i and XV18 can maintain the temperature in your home very precisely, within 1/2 degree.  That means that if you set your thermostat to 70 degrees, the farthest it will vary is 69.5 - 70.5 degrees Fahrenheit!


A final advantage of the XV20i and XL20i is the compressor warranty. Most of Trane's competitors come with a 10 year warranty on the compressor.

Trane stands behind a 12 year warranty!

As the Trane heat pump gets older, the chances of compressor failure only increases. So Trane's willingness to extend their compressor warranty to 12 years is quite a statement to their durability.

However it is important to note that the XV18 is published to have only a 10 year compressor warranty.

Specifications and Features?

Capacity Range:
The Trane XV20i, XL20i and XV18 are available in sizes from 2-5 tons. This is a very standard residential cooling capacity offering.

The XV20i, XL20i, and XV18 are Trane's most efficient models. The XV20i boasts a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 20 and a HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) of 10, (and an Energy Star rating).

The XL20i has a SEER of 19 and a HSPF of 10 (Energy Star rating also).

And finally the XV18 has a SEER of 18 and a HSPF of 10 (Energy Star).

Compared to the competition, Carrier has a more efficient offering for heating season performance.  

Not sure what SEER, HSPF or energy star is? Visit our heat pump efficiency web page to find out.


As mentioned earlier, the XV20i and XV18 come equipped with a variable speed compressor.

The XL20i carries two individual compressors that use R-410a. Heat pumps that utilize a second compressor allows for fewer on and off cycles, which prolongs the life of the compressor.  It also allows for more efficient operation.

It is worth noting that most small residential heat pumps do not have two compressors.  So this is a special offering that can lengthen the life of the heat pump.

Physical Size:

The Trane XV20i has a the following dimensions:

  • Length 33 - 37 inches
  • Width 30 - 34 inches
  • Height 48 - 54 inches

Note the height....this is quite large in comparison to most heat pumps.

The Trane XV18 contains the same length and width but the height ranges 41 - 45 inches.

The Trane XL20i is 37" x 34" x 54". Compared to most other heat pumps, this model has a small footprint but is quite tall. 

Physical Characteristics:
Standard steel frame with a powder coated finish.  It also has a special top section that protects the heat pumps from the elements.

This is where the XV20i and XV18 really shine.  At the decibel rating of 55, this is the quietest residential heat pump on the market.  This noise level would be similar to a refrigerator in one's home!

The XL20i is not as quiet....around 74 dB.

Agency Approvals:
Any agency approvals that this Trane heat pump may or may not have is unpublished.


XV20i and XL20i
Compressor Warranty: 12 years limited
Parts Warranty: 10 years limited

Compressor Warranty: 10 years limited 
Parts Warranty: 10 years limited

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Trane Heat Pump:
XL18i, XL15i, XR17 and XR15

trane heat pump XL15i

What's Unique?

The three models listed above are Trane's mid-range offerings.

The XL18i and XL15i is two of four Trane heat pump models that come with a 12 year compressor warranty. This type of warranty is very unique among residential heat pumps in today's market.

In order to absorb and block sound emitting from the compressor, each of these four models being reviewed come with a sound blanket. This is a very effective way to reduce the noise that is produced by the compressor.

The basepan on these models is a special corrosion and rust resistant basepan.  So especially is you are near the ocean this would be an advantage.

Finally, the XR15 has one of the shortest profiles in the industry. The height of both models can come as low as 29"!

So if you need a short profile, this Trane heat pump may be your perfect solution.

Specifications and Features?

Capacity Range:
The cooling capacity range for the XL18i and the XR17 is 2 - 5 tons.  The XL15i and XR15 has a capacity range of 1.5 - 5 tons.


Trane XL18i: SEER 18, HSPF 9.5

Trane XR17: SEER 18, HSPF 9.5

Trane XL15i: SEER 16.25, HSPF 9.7

Trane XR15: SEER 16, HSPF 9.5

The XL18i and XR17 are equipped with two-stage, R-410a scroll compressors (two stage allows for good temperature control and less wear and tear on the compressor).

The XL15i and XR15 contain a single stage, R-410a scroll compressor.

Physical Size: 

  • XL18i: Length 37 inches, Width 34 inches, Height 54 inches (tall!)
  • XL15i: Length 33 - 37 inches, Width 30 - 34 inches, Height 37 - 54 inches  
  • XR17: Length 37 inches, Width 34 inches, Height 41 - 45 inches
  • XR15: Length 33 - 37 inches, Width 30 - 34 inches, Height 29 - 45 inches (short!)

Physical Characteristics:
Standard steel frame with a powder coated finish, corrosion resistant basepan, and zinc coated fasteners.

Also the XL18i and XL15i are designed for more durability with a weather-protective top section.


The XR17 is published with a noise level of 74 dB.  While, the noise levels of other models are not published, it may be assumed that they are at or around 74 dB.

Agency Approvals:
Information regarding any agency approvals on this Trane heat pump is not published.

Compressor Warranty (XL18i,XL15i): 12 years limited
Compressor Warranty (XR17,XR15): 10 years limited
Parts Warranty (all three models): 10 year limited

Trane Heat Pump:
XR14, XR13, XB14 and XB13

Trane heat pump XR13

What's Unique?

The XB13 and XR13 are Trane's most cost effective offerings. These Trane heat pumps will be compared with the competition's low-end models.

Most low-end models do not offer unique characteristics that are worth mentioning in this section.

However, along with Trane's mid-range models, each of these models offer a heat pump with one of the shortest profiles in the industry.

The height ranges from a mere 29" through 41".

Specifications and Features?

Capacity Range:
These two models both offer cooling capacity ranges between 1.5 and 5 tons.


  • XR14: 14 SEER, 8.2 HSPF
  • XR13: 14.5 SEER, 8.5 HSPF
  • XB14: 15 SEER, 9 HSPF
  • XB13: 14 SEER, 8.5 HSPF

Strangely, the model numbers sequence do not match the sequence of energy efficiency.  So while one may purchase a XR13 (lower model), they are in fact getting a more efficient heat pump when compared to the XR14.

The XR14 does not qualify for an Energy Star rating.

Each model uses a single stage, R-410a scroll compressor.

Physical Size:
All of these models have the same dimensions. They range from 33-37" in length, 30-34" in width, and 29-41" in height.

Physical Characteristics:
Contains a steel frame with a powder coated finish.


While the noise levels are currently unpublished the following are previously published ratings:

The XB13 emits of sound pressure level of 78 dB nominal. This can be quite loud for a small residential unit. It represents the approximate noise level of a busy city street.

The XR13 is a little quieter at 76 dB this would be similar to a city street, but not quite as busy.

Agency Approvals:
Any agency approvals that this Trane heat pump may or may not have is unpublished.

Compressor Warranty: 10 years limited

Parts Warranty: 10 years limited

If you would like more information or documentation, visit the Trane heat pump official website.

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