When heating with the heat pump the air is cold in the house

by Yves
(Roxboro, Quebec, Canada)

Model: (Z)YZB03011A

I have the thermostat always at 21 Celsius and when the heat pump is operating the air that is coming out from the ducts is cold but when the furnace is running the air is a lot warmer and comfortable.

e-mail: y_lanteigne@hotmail.com

What could be the cause of my problem?

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May 24, 2016
I really liked your Information. Keep up the good work.
by: Anonymous

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Feb 14, 2015
by: Dio

My carrier unit outside is not running but air handle running no heat I jump y&r have heat but condenser still not running

Oct 24, 2014
Dual Fuel?
by: Ex-HVAC Instructor

I am assuming you have a dual fuel system, a heat pump with a gas furnace. Does the heat pump cycle on and off and maintain the selected temperature when it's not very cold outside? If so, the system may be operating normally. The air temperature from the ducts when the heat pump is running is much cooler (around 35 degrees C) than when the gas furnace is operating (may be 46- 52 C). On a dual fuel system, there is an outdoor thermostat that switches from heat pump to gas furnace when the outside ambient temperature decreases to the outdoor thermostat set point, (possibly 2-5 degrees C, varies with location). If the heat pump does not cycle on and off while maintaining the selected temperature it probably needs servicing.

Apr 07, 2014
check these first
by: mark

Did you get your unit serviced before winter?
Your Reversing valve could be stuck in cooling mode.
at the condenser uncap the yellow wires (cooling)and the orange wires (reversing valve) Touch them together and let the valve go thru the motions then un-touch the wires does the big pipe get hot now while its running? If not then touch them again but leave them together while its running is the pipe hot? check the electrical connections at the valve or possible valve.

Mar 05, 2014
frozen condensor( outsde unit is a block of ice)
by: Anonymous

Condensing unit outside is a solid block of ice approximately 3" thick all the way around the interior of the unit, what does this indicate?

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