Xp21 uses more oil than a very cheap heat pump it replaced

by Richard C
(Montreal, Queébec, Canada)

I live in Montreal. Had a low cost heat pump, seer 10 only. Decided to replace it with Lennox XP21. I am on bi-energy with Hydro Quebec and pay 4.5 cents per Kilowatt above -12 Celsius then 16 cents/kW when temp is below -12 C. ( -12C = 10.4F)
Bi-energy cuts any electric heat when the temp is below -12C.

The xp21 does not tell me via the thermostat that it is using the backup heat to help it self. It only tells you if the heat pump is not working at all and the emergency is working.
What this has lead to is the use of the back up heat source has been used like it has never been. I used 1500 liters of oil vs around 500-700 with the less expensive heat pump.

I suspect that this heat pump in order to get good ratings was tweaked to use back up heat source. Had I know this fact I would of not have purchased.

It works very well for air conditioning leading me to believe it is more suited to southern climates

If you have bi-energy in Quebec or live where there is a winter this is the worst heat pump to use.

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