York Heat Pump Review and Comparison

The York heat pump is manufactured in the three following models:

1. Affinity

    - Model YZH
    - Model YZF

2. LX Series

    - Model YHJF
    - Model YHJD
    - Model YHJR (recently discontinued)

3. Latitude (recently discontinued)

    - Model THGF
    - Model THGD

What makes each different? How is it unique among the competition?  That's what we'll discuss next.

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York Affinity

York Affinity heat pump

What's Unique

This heat pump is York's top end model.

Very unique to the heat pump industry is the type of paint used to coat the framing. This York heat pump is applied with a very durable, automotive quality coating. So if you are concerned about how it looks and how it lasts, this may be your solution. Most likely, the automotive quality coating will make the framing on this heat pump last beyond its competition.


The Affinity also comes with a "High Heat option" where the indoor fan slows down and discharges hotter air for heating operation.  In some cases, warmer localized air may be desirable.


Finally, the Affinity offers a potential limited lifetime warranty on its compressor.

Noticed that I emphasized potential. In order to qualify for this, the heat pump must be installed with a factory matched York system. In most situations, the lifetime warranty will not apply. However, the fact that a lifetime warranty available is very unique in the heat pump industry. For more questions on how to receive this warranty contact a factory-authorized York dealer.


The Affinity YZH036 was awarded "Most Efficient of Energy Star 2015".  York's literature lists the SEER and HSPF by model.  This is much more desirable when purchasing a heat pump.  

Most manufacturer's advertise an "up to" SEER and HSPF efficiency, which could leave the particular model you purchase as less efficient than the comparable competition.

Specifications and Features

Capacity Range:
The York Affinity model is available in sizes from 2-5 tons. This is a very typical range for all residential heat pump applications. Sometimes, if the house has multiple levels or is sufficiently large, multiple units are installed.

The Affinity is York's most energy efficient heat pump offering. The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) for each model is:

YZH: up to 18 SEER
YZH: up to 10.1 HSPF
YZF: up to 16 SEER
YZF: up to 9 HSPF

These heat pumps are very energy efficient and are among the most efficient on the market.

However, when comparing the Affinity to the top end models of other heat pump manufacturers, this York heat pump is in the middle of the pack.

If you're not sure how SEER, HSPF, or Energy Star impacts your budget click here.

The Affinity carries 2-stage scroll compressors, using R-410a. A second stage allows the York heat pump to use less energy during milder climates.

There are some Affinity models that utilize a single stage compressor.  This may result in louder and less efficient operation, so compare the SEER, HSPF, and sound ratings with other units to ensure your model is not significantly louder or less efficient.

Physical Size:
The York Affinity comes in two sizes:

  • 34" x 42" x 40"
  • 31" x 37" x 40"

and ranges in weight between 199-315 lbs. Most heat pumps run approximately these sizes and weights. The 42" depth is slightly larger than normal. However this may be because of the isolated compressor compartment.

The York Affinity publishes a sound rating of 68-73 dBA.  This ranks among the lowest for heat pumps that do not have variable speed compressors.  

Heat pumps with variable speed compressors can be very quiet, depending on the operation requirements.

Agency Approvals:
The Affinity contains CSA approval.

As mentioned above, a limited lifetime warranty for the compressor exists under special circumstances only. Outside of this, a standard compressor warranty is 10 year limited. All other parts also contain a 10 year limited warranty.

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York LX

York LX heat pump

What's Unique

If you are looking for easy transportation, this is one of the lightest heat pumps on the market.  The smallest of the LX series weighs in at 145 lbs. 


A disappointing unique feature is the efficiency. Although it does have an Energy Star rating, comparing York's mid-range models to other manufacturer's mid range models we see a poor performance. The SEER for the LX series York heat pump ranges from 14-14.5. Most mid-range models in the industry are 15 or 16 SEER and lower.


The LX series York heat pump has a small footprint but is somewhat louder than most comparable heat pumps.  Some of the LX models utilize reciprocating compressors in lieu of scroll compressors.

If you are interested in a quieter heat pump, ask for the scroll compressor models.

Specifications and Features

Capacity Range:
The York LX model is available in sizes from 2-5 tons.

As mentioned above, the LX series energy efficiency leaves something to be desired. The SEER ranges from 14-14.5 and the HSPF ranges from 8.2-8.5.

The York heat pump LX series carries the U.S. Department of Energy's stamp of approval....the Energy Star rating.

The LX series carries both 2-stage and single stage scroll compressors, using R-410a. Two stage compressors are not always available on mid-range heat pump models...so that's a plus for noise!

Physical Size:
The York LX is 34" x 34" x 40" and ranges in weight between 145-292 lbs. The LX is definitely smaller than the Affinity, and weighs like a feather (compared to some other heat pumps)!

The York LX ranges from 69-77 dBA depending on the size of the unit. This range is approximately on par with the mid-range heat pump competition. 

Agency Approvals:
The LX has a CSA listing.

10 year limited compressor warranty. 10 year limited all other parts warranty.

York Latitude
(recently discontinued)

York Latitude heat pump

What's Unique

The Latitude is the most basic York heat pump.

....Gives you what you need...but not too much more.

If you are looking for a basic heat pump, designed for economy of cost...

...This might be what you're looking for!

Specifications and Features

Capacity Range:
The York Latitude has a 1.5-5 ton cooling capacity range.

The cooling efficiency is quite similar to that of the Latitude. The SEER ranges from 13-14.5. The heating efficiency (compared to other heat pumps) is definitely low. The HSPF ranges from 7-7.9.

A single stage, R-410a scroll compressor is used in the York Latitude THGF model. The THGD allows for a more cost effective, reciprocating compressor on 5 out of 7 variations of the Latitude THGD.

Physical Size:
The York Latitude is 34" x 34" with a height range of 28-40" depending on which capacity you choose. The weight, again depending on the chosen capacity, ranges from 172-280 lbs.

The York Latitude ranges from 70-77 dBA in cooling mode and 71-79 in heating mode.  In general, the noise level increases with the size of the heat pump.

Agency Approvals:
UL and CUL is available on all of the York Latitude heat pumps.

10 year limited compressor warranty. 10 year limited all other parts warranty (single phase). 5 year limited all other parts warranty (three phase)

For more information, on the Affinity LX and Latitude models, visit the official website for the York heat pump.

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